After running blogs on WordPress for a few years, and studying the cutting edge of Social Media technology, I inevitably tried my hand at making my own websites.

While I use the WordPress CMS and premium (or modified custom) themes for most of my websites, I also do work with Dreamweaver in HTML, modifying CSS and PHP. I’m loving the advances in mobile applications, and I’m making mobile versions of websites as well as standalone mobile apps.

I’m working in the three areas that matter most to me: Web Design, Content Marketing, and Video. Where these three areas intersect, magic happens.

My study of Adobe CS5 has also led me into Logo Design, Graphic Design, and Flash Animation. With skills from Illustrator to Photoshop, from Flash Catalyst to Premiere, I now have an entire creative suite at my fingertips.

Check out my work:

Pura Vida MultiMedia Portland web design company

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